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       Shijiazhuang jiukai engine valve manufacture co,ltd is the production of automobile and engine intake and exhaust valves of the professional door manufacturer. The company has a highly qualified staff, has many years engaged in the valve development, design, production and service experience. Technology companies advanced, well-equipped, with double metal friction welding, plasma welding and other processing equipment, testing equipment, welding cone, spiral polishing, hardening rod end, branded plated shank, nitriding, laser surface treatment advanced production technology. The company introduced the PAL CNC automation and special production machinery; especially on the valve surface treatment, the use of soft Germany QPQ salt bath nitriding process, so that the surface strength, wear anti-fatigue greatly enhanced, extended service life. Executive Standard: QC / T469-2002 Mission: people-oriented, quality win   our enthusiasm and dedication to public service people, Welcome to contact us to discuss business

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